Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Matching tattoos and a tattoo for the cancer journey?


My youngest son, the 19-year-old new Marine, called to tell me that he is getting his first tattoo.  It’s going to be a “rose.”  It’s significant to me alone, because his rose tattoo will mirror one that I’ve had for over 30 years on right chest.  The rose is only an inch and half in length, red with green leaves and a black stem.  He comes home for a visit the first of April and will get it then from a friend of his who does tattoo art.  He is going to put “Mom” just below his rose, and I’m going to add his initials just below mine.  I thought it was the sweetest thing.  It joins us a bit more with another lasting memory.  His friend also offered matching tattoos for my husband and me, and maybe something to mark my cancer journey.  Along time ago, I picked out these two little cartoon snakes, intertwined, with a heart above them, about two inches high and an inch or so wide.  They look so cute, one pink and one lime green, representing me and my husband and our love.  We never got the snake tattoos because we just did not have money to throw away on such things.  It was nice of my son’s tattoo artist friend to make the offer.  I only have the one rose tattoo.  The inch long rose on my left chest.  My husband has only one tattoo as well, the Egyptian Eye with flames, on his left shoulder.  I know some people approve of tattoos and other do not.  I think of it as wearable art and always liked mine.  I prefer tattoos have some type of date or achievement significance.  I got my rose tattoo when I liberated myself from my first husband who was an abuser.  It was a show of defiance, he told me I couldn’t have one, and a show of confidence to stand on my own.  I really loved it and wanted more of them, but never had the money to commemorate another occasion.  I think I would like to get one more that signifies the cancer and my journey with it.  I’m not sure what it will be.  Maybe a time line with the date of diagnosis, and then markers of survival along the way.  I’ll hope it is not too short a line.  Does anyone have any ideas for such a thing?   I’ve looked at tons of art but just don’t see anything relative to what I seek. 

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